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Why Every Startup Needs a Team Video (and How to Create a Great One)


Consumers and employees are really one in the same -- just people, in different contexts. Both are human, which means both engage more strongly with video content than any other media. In fact, according to John Medina, a developmental molecular biologist, if humans hear a piece of information, they'll remember 10 percent of it three days later, but if they hear info and see an image, they'll remember 65 percent of the information. Video engages more senses and helps humans process information, regardless of the perspective from which they view it.

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Eight Reasons to Add Video to Your Content Marketing Strategy



Adding video content to your marketing strategy can seem daunting - we get it! Although video is rapidly becoming the most powerful form of advertising, incorporating video takes time and money. If you’re still looking for that final nudge, here are eight reasons you need to start producing video content that compliments your marketing strategy

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Misconceptions in Video Marketing: a Screenplay

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Topics: Marketing, Video, business, branding, customers, clients

How to Bring Video Into Your Content Strategy

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Capture Your Next Event on Video

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How to Drive More Sales Through Video Marketing

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How to Maximize the Power of Video in Your Marketing Automation Efforts

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How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy


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20 Places to Post Your Video Now That it's Done


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The Corporate Videos You Need to Succeed


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