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3 Ways to Optimize Your Video Advertising Strategy on Facebook

Posted by Melinda Stephan on Feb 16, 2017 12:55:02 PM

By Hope Horner

Finally, you can use Facebook videos to make real money. Facebook is clearly taking video seriously as an advertising resource, as it should.


While Facebook videos have historically been free of advertisements, following last year’s announcement that pre-roll ads would play before videos within Facebook’s Audience Network, brands started exploring new ways to leverage video on the platform.


Now, Facebook videos will contain mid-roll ads, too. After a few seconds, YouTube allows users to skip ads that play before its videos, but Facebook’s mid-roll ads can be inserted into any video that’s 90 seconds in length or more. They start to play after 20 seconds, so if a viewer wants to finish the video, she'll need to sit through the mid-roll ad. With this exciting development, both the platform and content creators can fully capitalize on the boom in streaming video.


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