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More Than A Video Production Company

Posted by Hope Horner on May 15, 2015 7:05:20 AM

You loved what we did for your video production? That's only the beginning...

YouTube is the new TV. Foursquare is the new word of mouth. Tsu is the new country club (for a few months), and if I am speaking a foreign language to you right now, then you definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY need some help with your online marketing campaign!

You already know that we live in an era of social media and highly technical graphic design. What you don't know is what to do about it. Fear not, fair business owner; Lemonlight does!

Excuse me, but what exactly is a Lemonlight?!

We are the people who make sure that Instagram and Twitter actually respond to your marketing. You can post forever on Facebook and get no likes - this is as easy as failing the same test over and over. At some point, however, you have to ask yourself: Is there a better way that I could be spending my time?

Lemonlight is more than your video production team. Lemonlight is your creative wordsmith and website design team as well. We are the ones that turn your "basement homemade art project" into an "exquisitely hand crafted vase" that ends up being displayed at the Louvre in Paris. It's the same item. The difference is timing, visibility and perception!

Specifically, we give you graphic, website and logo design for Web 3.0. This means multi-dimensional interactivity, 4K HD quality visuals and completely unique, template-free design. Our designs are fully responsive so that you can maximize visibility and impact in the mobile space. Wow, those were some big words - but I meant what I said even though my head hurts!

Lemonlight makes sure that people actually see my video?

Honestly, you can buy a $500 camera and shoot a halfway decent video with a little study. If you became a video tech nerd like us for ten years, your videos might even be as good as ours - in ten years. Then you'd still have to find a way to market the video. Let's hope you're not selling banana fruit baskets!

Our true value added is our timeline and our distribution. We can produce your video, integrate it into your graphic design, logo design and website design, then distribute it to millions of people in a timely manner, the keyword being "timely."


Wow. You guys do everything. I feel useless. What could I be doing while you make me rich?

Well, you could be on a beach in Hawaii while Lemonlight takes care of the creative stuff. You could be taking tango lessons in Dubai while your hand crafted video integrated seamlessly into your web design supports you with a passive income. You could be swimming around in pools of money and squishy things of your choice while your crack wordsmith social media team blasts your logo design across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram like the Batman symbol across the cloudy Gotham sky.

We could be as close as Kanye and Kim. We could be Kimye, the business version.

If you didn't recognize the above example as one of the most popular memes of the past year, just give it up and call us. Take it as a compliment: You have enough of a life that you probably get your memes from the real world (Internet v. 1.0). Oops - did we say that last part out loud?!

We love you; call us!



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