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Not Your Typical Dwork - Sam Dworkin. A Web Design Guru

Posted by Hope Horner on May 8, 2015 9:03:36 AM

Ever want to know what it's like to be in the presence of a web designer turned fashionista? He's a one-of-a-kind and we are lucky he is with us at, Lemonlight.

Meet Sam Dworkin, our Web Designer and Office Legend. Born and raised in Reno NV, Dworkin studied Digital Arts at the University of Oregon. This DIE HARD Detroit sports fan was originally trained in traditional art and has a passion for illustration. And! He's an all conference, first team, Santa Monica City softball league member!

After living in LA for only six months, he recently stumbled upon a new love: Fashion... women's street and festival wear to be precise. We gathered a group of well-respected (and styled) photos from today's leading "it" girls and picked Dworkin's stylish brain.

Let's see what our web-designer turned fashion blogger, Sam Dworkin, has to say about these leading ladies.


"Shark tooth necklaces should only be worn by scuba instructors."



"$5 Wardrobe, $1000 Ticket... Peace, Love, Nope!!"




"I can’t tell if she’s has a bag, or she’s hiding something under her jacket"



"Everything she remembered about Native American history in high school"



"The guy’s face in the background says it all"



"When you get invited to a party and get 'chic' confused with 'sheep'"



"Taking olive garden table cloth to the next level"


"Setting the world record for long shoe laces"


"No models were harmed in the production of this shoot…….we cannot say the same for the camera man"



"The choker necklace was bad in the 90s and has not aged well"



"This was originally worn by Johnny Depp in pirates of the Caribbean"



"When you’re a custodian and you mix your darks with your lights"


Thanks, Sam Dworkin. We wouldn't know what to do without you. Check out some of his web design examples here and for more fashion forward thoughts from Sam, follow him on Instagram: @dworkinator


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