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Inspired Interiors

Posted by Hope Horner on Dec 29, 2014 1:21:31 PM

Video Production Services by Lemonlight Media

Inpired Interiors // Video Production Services by Lemonlight Media

Lemonlight Media a company that specializes in video production services and video distribution.

You probably never knew just how great lemons are for your health. Lemonlight can give your company the same kind of juice! Take a look at some of the cool ways that we can inject a wet, yellow, sour gob of fruity happiness into creating your zesty business video and video production! – Phew, what a mouthful!

We give your marketing the JUICE with video production services

When you squeeze a lemon, you get lemon juice that can shake the stains out of your clothing. When you squeeze a Lemonlight, you get Lemonlight juice that can shake the life back into your marketing!

Our full service content and distribution platform will ensure that the right ads get to the right people. Our job is to increase engagement with your market on social media with the blurbs and videos that people simply cannot look away from. High quality, potentially viral content also ranks well within the major search engines, increasing your visibility across the entire Internet!

We give your company the STYLE with video production services

Just like lemon juice creates natural highlights in your hair, Lemonlight creates natural highlights in your marketing!

Our refined production technique showcases the best of your business from interviews to services, from testimonials to live action. We turn your elevator pitch into the marketing equivalent of a panther - who loves lemons.

We give your online design the PUNCH with video production services

Just like lemon juice gives you vital nutrients for a busy day, Lemonlight gives you vital tools for a great online presence. We make sure your site design, logo and social media profiles can compete with the best in your industry. Create the commercial of your dreams with our motivated, experienced team.

Lemons give you nutrients for the whole of your day, just like we are there from production to distribution. We give you the tools to D.I.Y if you like, but if you want, we handle the reins of your social media campaign, your commercial video production and your site management - so you can deal with the OTHER lemons life throws you.

What else can lemons do for you?

Lemon [ light ] can give your online campaign a healthy complexion [improved PR mobility], a strong immune system and a leaner body [higher click through rates]. Want more analogies? Call us - we'll have a few ready! Ok - here's one for free.

When life gives you lemons, make a commercial...with Lemonlight Media!

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