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The Age of Video Marketing

Posted by Hope Horner on May 19, 2015 10:17:34 AM

Read for great facts about video marketing and why you can't afford to not have a video for your business.



- Video marketing shifts the balance of power to your side.

The Age of the Video is upon us! With video heavy websites such as Vine, Snapchat, Meerkat and Instagram lapping all other social media in terms of viewership, visibility and PR, it is time to stop putting off your own foray into the world of video. Even text based sites such as Twitter and Facebook have made it publicly known that their focus will shift to videos in the very near future. For crying out loud, Facebook now has more videos per month on its desktop than YouTube!

– Doing video is within your budget if you learn the keys to ROI.

In the past, doing video may have been legitimately out of your reach: Cameras costed too much. You did not have the in-house staff. Your other advertisements were doing just fine.

However, this is not be the case today. You now have the ability to outsource your video marketing to Lemonlight for a fraction of the cost. Lemonlight Media is democratizing the process of commercial video production, and you can be a part of it with a single phone call!

- Lemonlight raises your marketing ROI!

Lemonlight gives you the ability to shoot an engaging, exciting and informative video, but we are also ready with a full digital marketing package for your brand as well. Lemonlight knows exactly where to put your videos to receive the most eyeballs, with a precise focus on the analytics that matter to you. A clear customer persona and surgical targeting capabilities will help to ensure that your business gets the customer acquisition numbers that you know you are capable of.

Consumers are three times as likely to click through on a video ad than any other content. Combined with our targeted marketing strategy, including Facebook dark posts, Google search engine keyword strategy and viral tactics focused for online directories and niche message boards, Lemonlight raises your ROI while reducing your video production costs.

– Your small business can take on the world with Lemonlight!

With Lemonlight on your side, your small business has the ability to reach the new, savvy, impatient online market with the content that they want: video. Your customers will receive more information in a more entertaining way. This should pave the way for an exponential rise in click-through, positive engagement and conversions.

Lemonlight knows how to tell a story in a video that sticks. We know how to do this within your budget. We know how to market that video for high ROI. Let us help you get seen by the people who matter - give us a phone call or an email today!


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