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The Corporate Videos You Need to Succeed

Posted by Rachel Carmichael on Sep 19, 2017 1:01:48 PM




Pssst. Hey you. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but videos are everything now. If your business doesn’t have video, well, you won’t be in business for long. I know...when I say “corporate video” you think of the awkward sexual harassment video or the “how to flip a burger” training video. But corporate videos aren’t like that anymore.

There are many types of video that will boost business. Here are a few that you should consider creating sooner than later.

Brand Video

The brand video shares your corporation’s personality with the world. (Yes, businesses have personalities now too!). It can be used in sales and recruitment, as well as content for social media and your website.




Commercials aren’t just for tv anymore. Create this 30-60 second video and share through all of your digital channels as an inexpensive way to highlight your products or services.




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Customer testimonials are a must these days. It’s no longer acceptable to just say you’re great. Your customers/clients have to say it. A testimonial video is like a visual Yelp. Share your 5 star reviews!



Team / recruitment video

Hiring can be a huge time suck. Creating a recruitment video can help you attract the right people and help them visualize working for you. Don’t make them imagine what the office looks like, what the dress code is, or what kind of people work there - show them! It’s a great way to get people excited and at the same time set expectations.



Training video

You didn’t think I’d leave the training video off of a list about corporate videos, did you? But don’t fret - they don’t have to be awkward and boring! Although I’m not sure anyone can top this training video about how to handle cold drinks from Wendy’s...




Need help creating corporate video for your company? Schedule a call with one of our producers to discuss your needs!


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