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The Right Video Content for Your Marketing Funnel

Posted by Rachel Carmichael on Aug 10, 2017 11:09:05 AM


A marketing funnel is the set of stages on a potential customer’s journey from the realization that there is a problem to solve to the first interaction with your brand to the ultimate goal: conversion. Adding video can help move potential customers through the marketing funnel faster and also make them feel more informed and confident in their decision to buy.

Let’s take a look at the three main stages of the marketing funnel and the kind of video that is best for each stage.


In this beginning stage, the buyer is realizing they have a problem. Let’s say you run a software company that has created an online, customer service bot. Your potential client may be the CEO of a company that is growing quickly. He is realizing that they aren’t doing a great job keeping up with all their customer’s questions and feedback. Poor customer service is affecting his sales and he goes online to find a solution.  

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You’ll want to be one of the first companies that shows up in his search for a solution. There are various videos that can help during this stage:


Outline what problem you are helping to solve and what makes you unique.



Brand Docu-style Video

Help the customer see who you are. Learn more about how to create a brand video here.

Narrative Video

Tell the story of your company. Like the brand video, this is way of showing your customers who you are and why they should not only buy from you, but become a brand loyalist.

Animation Video

Animated videos are especially good for explaining difficult-to-understand concepts and products.


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Explainer Video

Like the animated video, explainer videos are a good way to break down difficult to understand concepts.

Educational Video

Educate your audience on the problem you’re solving, and how your product and service is uniquely designed to solve it.


Give your customers a how-to video! This is especially handy for companies selling software and other tech.

Social Media Video

Video for social media is a must. Keep these videos short (under 30 seconds).


At this stage, your potential buyer is considering the ways he can address his problem. You are trying to get him to see your company as the answer. This is mostly done through advertising, search engine optimization, and lead generation. This is an especially important stage for using video.

[64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it]

Testimonial Video

People looooove proof. Show your potential customers how much your current customers love your product or service.



Product Video

Showcase your product - what problem it solves and how it works.

Team Video

Similar to the brand video, the team video shows off the wonderful people that make up your company. Your customer is relying on this team to execute - show them off!

Video Emails

Adding a video to marketing emails can boost click-through rates by 200-300%.


The decision-making stage is where your potential customer has decided that your solution or something similar offered by a competitor is the direction they want to go. Lead nurturing and sharing customer proof of satisfaction are great ways to convince him that your company is the right choice. This is where you might offer quotes, demos, free trials, or consultations.

[90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions.]

FAQ Video

Customers always have questions. Beat them to it (and show your commitment to customer service) by answering them first.



Demonstration / Instruction Video

Take your customers on a journey of your product. This is more in-depth than a product video, and should show what customers need to do step-by-step.

Personalized Video

Personalized video is sort of a mix between mail merge and video. Use the data you have on potential customers to send them a video that looks like it was made just for them.

Thank You Video

Always thank your customers for their purchase!

For more information about the marketing funnel, check out this great blog by Hubspot.


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