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Pre-Roll Advertising: Small Businesses Do It Better

By Hope Horner

If you're not reaching consumers with video, you're probably not reaching them at all.


When it comes to video marketing, the question for marketers is no longer “Should I be doing this?” Now, it’s “How do I do this the right way?” According to Syndacast, almost three-fourths of internet traffic in 2017 will be video. This means that if you’re not reaching consumers with video, you’re probably not reaching them at all.


But how about that second question?


Right now, video marketing starts with pre-roll. Advertisers favor pre-roll ads three times as much as the next most preferred video format. That makes sense because consumers seem to like them, too. Three out of four people will watch a short ad, from start to finish, that runs before their video.


Pre-roll ads on their own are pretty efficient, but when you combine them with hyperlocal targeting, you can reach marketing nirvana.


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Silence Is Golden: Why Companies Are Turning to Muted Ads

By Hope Horner


As they have over the last decade, social media platforms are still redefining and reinventing advertising requirements. Twitter limits content to 140 characters, Facebook allows only 20 percent or less of the image field on its display ads to be comprised of text, and Snapchat photo or video messages can run for a maximum of 10 seconds.


These constraints force businesses outside of the traditional advertising box to create fresh ways of delivering engaging content to potential customers. But Facebook is now ushering in a new era in advertising — the age of the silent video.


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Best Times to Post

Everyone is a little bit different when it comes to his or her active social times. So what are the best times to post to your social media accounts? Depending on your particular brand, service or standing on social media there may be better times than others that peak for your Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, etc. There isn’t a magical time that will be universal and guaranteed to work, however there are specific times that have been tested for companies, brands and influencers to get in on some of the social media interaction.

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The Best New Live Streaming App-Periscope!

Have you heard of the new live streaming app-Periscope? If you haven’t, it's one of the best social media apps out there right now. Periscope can be a comparable hybrid to Stringwire (the live video news app), and Glide (the live stream message app). What makes Periscope different is that it’s made to connect friends and family all over the world in real-time, in addition to anyone who happens to stumble upon your live stream.

This is a breakthrough-marketing tool that can be used for industry heads to share information, much like a Twitter or Google chat, but a little more interactive and easier to use. It’s also a fun tool for bloggers and experts to connect with like-minded people in any language. When you first login and you’re not sure who to follow, you can click into the interactive map of the world and join conversations in Italy, France, Russia, the United States and so many other places you’ve been curious about.

Periscope is owned and operated by Twitter since March of this year. You sign up with your Twitter account and are visible within a “scope” once you join one. Your username will be visible to the owner of the broadcast and others in the scope if you choose to comment.

The cool thing about this app is that you can get an insiders look into anything you’re interested in. So many big name media companies and celebrities are using Periscope everyday from Ellen, The Huffington Post, Good Morning America and TIME, to celebs like Kevin Hart, Jared Leto, Kevin Jonas and Tyra Banks (heeeey girl heeeyy)! Go behind the scenes of some of your favorite interviews; attend conferences and concerts free with access to the app.

Why should you get on board with Periscope? Because it’s fun! Okay, that one is obvious. But this can be a great app for business owners to use and gives customers an insider look into what goes on inside your business. Whatever kind of business you have, whether its’ a wine making company, It’s very simple to use and there are no restrictions on time. You could live broadcast as long as you need to and connect with as many people as you can during that time. The trick is to name your Periscope session as enticingly as possible. The title of your scope is your hook line. If your subject line is interesting, and you have some engaging conversation once they’re in then you’re golden. But please make sure you know how to use the app before you start a scope and that your content is interesting. You want people to subscribe and come back each time you run a scope in the future.

Try out the Periscope app and let us know how you do or if you have questions please connect with us on Twitter @LemonlightMedia!

Lemonlight Media is a video production company in Culver City, CA. We have several social media packages to help you manage your online presence.

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