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3 ways to elevate your video marketing strategy

By Hope Horner


“Did you see that video everyone is talking about?” You probably hear this at least once a week. People these days are just as crazy about online video as they were about moving pictures in the days of the silent silver screen, and streaming video is only getting more popular. You still have time to get ahead of the curve — and your competitors — but you need a game plan.

If you aren’t sure whether online video content is a priority for your marketing needs, you should know that 64 percent of consumers are more likely to pull the trigger on a purchase after watching a video about the product. Video is already a vital piece of any digital marketing campaign, and yet many businesses focus on the wrong elements because they don’t have a video marketing strategy in place. In fact, according to Buffer, while 83 percent of marketers want to create more video, many aren’t sure how to film and edit a video or what to put in it.

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Beyond Marketing: Using Video to Address Customer Concerns

By Hope Horner


The meteoric rise in the use of self-service options goes beyond a hatred of mind-numbing hold music. In fact, 75 percent of customers find the convenience of self-service attractive.


While today’s tech-savvy consumers are more empowered when it comes to finding answers to solve their own problems, they’re also more impatient with customer service than ever before. When customers run into support issues, they’re more likely to try to resolve those problems online and on their own terms than to reach out to a company over a call or email.


This makes good sense: Most customer service call centers have limited hours, while a company’s website is available at any time. What’s more, although people often complain that interacting with traditional phone-based customer service takes too long, the opposite side of that coin is viewed as an advantage of online self-service: They have as much time as they like to find the answers they need.

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