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Video Marketing Lingo pt1: Brand Videos and Product Videos

Posted by Hope Horner on Dec 11, 2014 8:22:18 AM

Video marketing can feel like a different world, and making a commercial (online or not) can seem daunting. Do you want a brand video or product video? What's the difference between pre-roll and a commercial? It's enough to make you scream "I just want a video!!"

While all video is awesome, not all video is created equal. Here, we give a rundown of two key options open to you as you start exploring the role of video marketing in your business: brand videos and product videos.

Brand video
What it is: This is a video that focuses on your company's motto. Who are you and why did you start your business? A brand video looks at the big picture and provides the viewer with a sense of your company's mission. If you have a website, this is the video you could put on the homepage or About page. On a video marketing level, you are introducing yourself to your customers, which provides the foundation to a strong relationship. Strong relationships lead to return customers.
What it is not: This is not a product commercial. A brand video does not try to sell any particular item. A brand video avoids specifics. It does not list offerings.
Think of a brand video like a mission statement. Menus, services, schedules and products may change. The reason why you started your business, however, will not. A brand video aims to capture that reason.

Product video
What it is: Product videos are just what they sound like. They tell your customers about a specific product offered by your business, whether that's an item on the menu, a unique workout approach or a yoga class offering. In the video marketing progression, a product video answers, in clear detail, what your customer can get from your business.
What it is not: Unlike a brand video, the product video is less interested in the story behind your business. In addition, a product video is not the product itself. In other words, if you're a yoga studio, your product video does not teach the viewer a pose--but it can tell them about the class in which they can learn it!

Was this helpful? Then stay tuned for part 2!

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