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What Makes a Marketing Video Go “Viral”

Posted by Kiara Imani Williams on May 25, 2016 6:06:52 PM


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If you know your way around the Internet, you know what a viral video is - those quirky, entertaining, and sometimes rather disturbing videos that often attract millions of viewers within a matter of days. We share them on our Facebook pages, send them to our friends, and may even create our own copycat versions (how many of you did the “#ALS ice bucket challenge?).


But what makes a video go viral in the first place? How do we explain the digital phenomena that often turns unknown people and products into overnight success stories? The truth is, there is no magic formula. Viral videos are often a mix of luck, circumstance, and marketing genius. However, we’ve learned that there are certain things you can do to drastically increase your chances of becoming the next digital superstar.


1. Capitalize On What’s Trending - Don’t be afraid to capitalize on popular songs, dances, events, and stories. Any topic currently trending on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram is a great place to start! 




2. Engage Your Audience Right Away - Your video should appeal to audiences within the the first 5 seconds. People are bombarded with content online everyday. If your video is not captivating right away, your viewers will quickly lose interest. 


3. Get Your Friends and Family Involved! - There’s no shame in asking for help… ESPECIALLY when it comes to marketing! Ask people you know to share your video on all of their social media pages. The more people who are exposed to your video, the better. 



4. Digital News Outlets Are Your Friend - Big blogs drive a lot of traffic! The goal is to expose your video to as many bloggers as possible. In addition to posting your video to Facebook and Twitter,  you may want to submit your video to social news websites like Reddit and Hacker News. Once a few big news outlets share your video, the rest are sure to follow! 


5. Make Sure Your Video Settings Are Set to Public - If your video is not easily share-able, you have a problem. Whether your choose to upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo or directly to Facebook, make sure your settings are set to public! There’s nothing worse than posting a video no one can see but you. 



No matter how engaging your content is, a professional quality video will automatically be more appealing to digital audiences. At Lemonlight, we specialize in creating high-quality and affordable videos for small businesses. Together, we focus on narrative storytelling to produce cinematic images that inspire an emotional response from your audience. For more information, visit


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