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What to Wear (And Not to Wear!) During Your Production

Posted by Aurora Kaye on Mar 4, 2016 12:33:02 PM

You are preparing for your big on-screen introduction to the world. You look in the mirror, and an important question pops into your head, "What should I wear on camera?" Believe it or not, what you wear on camera is very important, and there are certain rules that you should follow when establishing wardrobe choices for your video shoot. Check out our tips and tricks below!



Wear something that you feel comfortable in

Like any other normal day, some outfits make you feel more confident than others. The energy that you exude in your video will come through in a much more natural, unscripted manner if you feel good in what you’re wearing. This doesn’t mean you should show up in joggers (unless that’s your business of course!), but you should feel relaxed. If your clothing is uncomfortable, you’ll be worried about fixing little things the entire time. Remember, confidence is key!


Wear something "cool"

No, I do not mean cool as in celebrity cool. I mean cool in the literal sense. Wear clothes that will allow heat to escape from your body. The lights on a professional production set can be very hot. The last thing you want is to get, sweaty or have all of your makeup come off. It can also be helpful to wear layers, or bring backup options.



Branding helps to create and sustain your company’s image. If you are shooting a professional interview, you should make an effort to look the part. Match the outfit you're wearing with the subject matter. You wouldn't want to wear a suit and tie for interviews at an amusement park, and you certainly wouldn't wear a t-shirt for an interview with the mayor. If you are shooting a studio interview, you should probably be dressed in typical broadcast attire: shirts, ties, skirts, dresses or pantsuits, unless this is not standard in your profession. Shoes should always be polished and clean!


Do not wear bright, hot colors.

Intense reds will bleed and could make the surrounding objects, including your face, appear red.


Do not wear colors that compete with your complexion.

If you have a pale complexion, stay away from pure white clothing. Wear something that complements your skin tone.



There's nothing worse than buying a new outfit, and discovering that it doesn’t fit you the way you imagined. Sometimes our clothing looks great in the mirror, but its utility is not suited to match our lifestyle – skirts that are too tight to walk in, jackets that unreasonably restrict our arm motion, and shoes that are meant for anything but walking. You can avoid clothing malfunctions on the day of your shoot by trying on all of your clothing ahead of time! Take it one step further by doing a complete dress rehearsal. For example, if you’ll be sitting down in your video, make sure your clothing is loose enough to allow you to sit comfortably. 


Enjoy the experience and take a deep breath.

You will be working with true professionals and they’ll make you feel comfortable and confident. Let your personality shine through in your choices of clothes for video advertising. You’re going to look great!


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