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You Know You Love Video Marketing When...

Posted by Hope Horner on Dec 4, 2014 6:45:31 AM

1. marketing statistics roll off your tongue. It's almost creepy.
There are plenty of statistics to choose from. A normal person would Google them.
They're not hard to find.
A truly passionate love for video marketing, though, endows upon aficionados a computer-like storage of significant statistics. You can spit them out, like the surprisingly long receipts you get at CVS. You know, things like:
74%: The increase in understanding a customer enjoys after watching a video.
65%: The percentage of people visiting a marketer's site after watching a video.
40%: The percentage increase in a company's likeability, thanks to a video.
200%: The increase in click-throughs for an email campaign that include a video.
You can't help it. You're like besotted teens compulsively decorating your notebooks with the name of your crush...except the object of your affections is video marketing.

2. read a text article, and video marketing approaches bombard your brain.
Words? Print? You want colors and voices, please! Exposure to static media like text just makes you antsy. Immediately, your mind jumps to storyboards, lighting, and transitions.
How amazing would this story be if presented in video? Your fingers itch for the camera.
How could that concept be expressed through staging? Your brain starts planning the studio set-up.
How would you distribute the product? Target audience analysis whirs through your minds.
Video marketing is like learning a language--once you know it, you can't turn it off!

3. ...everyday words become overshadowed by their video marketing definitions.
You'll be in a conversation about bars and think of the color bars on the camera.
Somebody asks you to pass the can, and you automatically reach for some headphones.
Renting a truck? Your first instinct is to ask what's being shot, not what being moved.
It can make for some confusing conversations, that's for sure.

4. start a video marketing company.
When a passion for video marketing reaches such heights, what else is there to do but make it your job? Start a company!
And that's what we at Lemonlight have done. We live, breathe, and love video marketing, from the brainstorming to the production and distribution. We know our business, from market statistics to technical details. So come check us out and see what we're up to! We love talking about video marketing as much as we love doing it.

In short, we think it's awesome. And we think you will too

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